I was born August 10 1962 in Leiden as a part of a twin. My twinbrother was not born alive. My father (35) died when I was 4 years old. Consequently I have always been intrigued by the phenomenon of human/spiritual existence. The existential principle of being 'alive'. So, as a result of this attraction I have chosen for a life in art. To me, to become aware of ones own existence IS art. As a child drawing and painting were the only things that felt natural to me. After some distractions (studying Law at the University of Amsterdam, solo backpack travelling for months in S.E. Asia) I cut to the chase. I defined my goal: getting as close as possible to the source of life itself, by creation. Aware of the limitations of my brain and the characteristics of my emotional bagage I set off to train my techniques at different Art Academies in the Netherlands (Wackers Academy, Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam). Years of meditation and more travelling followed and in my late thirties I finally started to feel like a person who might have something significant to share on a believable level in the world of visual arts. Over the years I have had the privilage to exhibit with succes. The big step forward was made by starting my own gallery/studio in the heart of the Amsterdam Contemporary Art District (Jordaan area) in 1999. I put my painters easel behind the glass window of my studio resulting in unlimited access to the comments of interested people. Artlovers, arthaters, insiders, outsiders. All communicated. About my motives, choices, techniques, prices and so on. Joyful, colorful work emerged. My DOGPAINTINGS and HAPPY WOMEN did very well and the sales and commissions confirmed my growing sense of legitimate artistery. In 2006 our daughter Lente was born. As any parent will confirm, this is probably THE major happening in human life besides being born and dying ourselves. For about 2 years I wasn't able to draw or paint a decent work. Having a lot of 'free time' I looked after her most of the time (my girlfriend having a 9-2-5 job). And then I started to paint again. In black and white mostly. Combining my initial love for drawing and material painting. Figurative, direct. Themes I use are close to my private life. Visualization of Love, desire for sex and my efforts to balance between bodily and spiritual satisfaction, aggression, amazement, frustration, sorrow, joy, extacy and more.   To no ones surprise I gradually became aware of my new Muse, our daughter Lente (’Springtime’ in Dutch) and she is until this very day the biggest inspiration to my life and work. In recent years I have been more and more influenced by nature and her colours, energies and abstractions. In my recent paintings I make use of organical natural elements like twigs, dried flowers and herbs. Also some goldleaf plays its part. Especially my blossom paintings and landscapes express this new fascination. Ofcourse I combine some works with Lente. All these canvasses are created with ‘high energetic’ awareness. I am not a big fan of the Artificial Intelligent future that so many (ignorant?) people are striving to be assimilated by.. To me Love Is Organic. I will do everything I can to make people aware of that truth. By co- creating beauty. Message to my Muse, To acquire the awareness of being an original human being one should use the free will to open ones heart for the truth. The whole truth. Yes, consequently one will be a witness to horror, destruction, abuse, illusion, manipulation, frustration, atrocities and (intelligent) artificiality on the lower levels of Earthly life. Observe. Breathe. Connect to your sovereign and organical origin, the original creational intent behind kindness, love and beauty. Stay compassionate.   Now, look again at this photo. Here you are. Running with joy. This is how you are and will be welcomed during and after your brave explorations in Life. By Truth. By me. You are loved. You are the highest Love. And now I invite you, reader, to have a closer look on my website and to respond to me and my work. Please, when possible, visit me and my paintings in ‘real life’, My heart and door are always open. You can find me here as well: Facebookpage: Joep Buijs Gallery Amsterdam and Instagram  www.instagram.com/joepbuijsgalleryamsterdam Thank you, enjoy your existence, feel free to share it with mine ;) n e d e r l a n d s
J O E P  B U I J S  G A L L E R Y  A M S T E R D A M H O M E          O V E R          S C H I L D E R I J E N          C O N T A C T A B O U T                                  P A I N T I N G S                    
A short documentary (August 2017) starring Joep Buijs,  a contemporary painter based in Amsterdam city.  Have a glimpse of the world through his eyes in what it takes to become a passionate visual artist. ~ Josh Madre` H O M E          O V E R          S C H I L D E R I J E N          C O N T A C T  A B O U T                                  P A I N T I N G S