e n g l i s h n e d e r l a n d s HAPPY WOMAN BEACHBLUE 100 : 120 cm  acrylic paint, canvas HAPPY WOMAN SENSATION  100 : 120 cm  oil paint, canvas HAPPY WOMAN MEMORY 50 : 70 cm  acrylic paint, chalk, charcoal, canvas HAPPY WOMAN EXSTACY 100 : 10 cm acrylic paint, mixed media, canvas HAPPY WOMAN EXSTACY 2 120 : 120 cm mixed media, acrylic paint, canvas HAPPY WOMAN UNTOUCHABLE 100 : 100 cm mixed media,charcoal, ink, chalk, acrylic paint, canvas HAPPY WOMAN PRESENTS   50 : 100 cm acrylic paint, canvas r e c e n t   w o r k                                                                                             w o r k  i n  p r o g r e s s H O M E        A B O U T        P A I N T I N G S        P O R T R A I T S        C O N T A C T  
c l i c k  o n  p i c t u r e  t o  e n l a r g e p a i n t i n g s  m a r k e d  w i t h         a r e  i n  s t o c k  .  p r i c e s  o n  r e q u e s t All images on this site are copyright protected. Reproduction and/or licencing of all images on these pages without permission is strictly prohibited. Reproductions derived from original artwork by Joep Buijs are solely published with unique certificates of authenticity, handsigned by the artist Joep Buijs. These reproductions with certificates are exclusively issued by the Joep Buijs Gallery Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Violators risk legal prosecution.