I was born August 10 1962 in Leiden.  I have always been intrigued by the phenomenon of human/material existence. The existential principle of being 'alive'. So, as a result of this attraction I have chosen for a life in art. To me, existing IS art. As a child drawing and painting were the only things that felt natural to me. After some distractions (studying Law at the University of Amsterdam, solo backpack travelling for months in S.E. Asia) I cut to the chase. I defined my goal: getting as close as possible to the source of life itself, by creation. Aware of the limitations of my brain and the characteristics of my emotional bagage I set off to train my techniques at different Art Academies in the Netherlands (Wackers Academy, Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam). Years of meditation and more travelling followed and in my late thirties I finally started to feel like a person who might have something significant to share on a believable level in the world of visual art. Over the years I have had the privilage to exhibit with succes. The big step forward was made by starting my own gallery/studio in the heart of the Amsterdam Contemporary Art District (Jordaan area) in 1999. I put my painters easel behind the glass window of my studio resulting in unlimited access to the comments of interested people. Artlovers, arthaters, insiders, outsiders. All communicated. About my motives, choices, techniques, prices and so on. Joyful, colorful work emerged. My DOGPAINTINGS and HAPPY WOMEN did very well and the sales and commissions confirmed my growing sense of legitimate artistery. In 2006 our daughter Lente was born. As any parent will confirm, maybe THE major happening in human life besides being born and dying ourselves. For about 2 years I wasn't able to draw or paint a decent work. Having a lot of 'free time' I looked after her most of the time (my girlfriend having a 9-2-5 job). And then I started to paint again. In black and white mostly. Combining my initial love for drawing and material painting. Figurative, direct. Themes I use are close to my private life. Visualization of Love, desire for sex and my efforts to balance between bodily and spiritual satisfaction, aggression, amazement, frustration, sorrow, joy, extacy and more. And now I invite you to have a closer look and to respond to me and my work. This also possible on my Facebookpage: Joep Buijs Gallery Amsterdam Thank you, enjoy your existence, feel free to share it with mine ;) All images on this site are copyright protected. Reproduction and/or licencing of all images on these pages without permission is strictly prohibited. Reproductions derived from original artwork by Joep Buijs are solely published with unique certificates of authenticity, handsigned by the artist Joep Buijs. These reproductions with certificates are exclusively issued by the Joep Buijs Gallery Amsterdam, the Netherlands. n e d e r l a n d s
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